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6 Easy Ways to Freshen Your Bathroom

My last blog post walked you through a full master bath remodel. Check it out if you haven't already because it has lots of great before and after photos. On the other side of the spectrum I just finished sprucing up a master bathroom without doing any major renovations for under $300. Here are 6 easy and affordable ways to freshen your bathroom, or any space for that matter:

1. DEEP CLEAN! Clean every corner until it sparkles. Just like when you have your car detailed, you want every nook and cranny spic and span, this includes: flooring, grout, faucets, light fixtures and inside all of drawers and cabinets. Also, if your electrical plates have yellowed you can replace them for next to nothing. Same with your toilet seats. If you only do one of these steps, do this one. You will be amazed the difference this step alone can make.

2. PAINT! Paint the walls, paint the cabinetry, paint the doors, paint the trim, including window and door mouldings and baseboards.

3. ORGANIZE! After purging all the stray bobby pins, perfumes and cosmetics, that you haven't used in years, (refer to step #1) put as much as you can in storage containers. If you have a linen closet I recommend labeling the containers so you know at a quick glance what's in them. Clutter really drags a room down so store as much as possible out of sight in your cabinets. For things you need to easily access on a daily basis get some pretty baskets and bins and put them on floating shelves. The key is to get as much stuff off your counters as possible.

4. LIGHTING! If you haven't swapped out light fixtures in the last 10 years it's probably time. There are some very stylish, yet affordable, fixtures out there. Most home improvement stores carry a nice selection or if you don't want to get new then definitely give them a good scrub. Light fixtures collect a lot of gunk and making them sparkle again does wonders.

5. HARDWARE! Swapping out your knobs and pulls breathes new life into cabinetry. Again, there are so many stylish and affordable options to choose from.

6. ACCESSORIZE! Purchase a new set of hand towels, some pretty things to put on those counters that you just cleared off and maybe even a plant or two. You don't have to spend a lot of money to do this. Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Target are all great places to find very affordable, super cute accessories.

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