Classic Contemporary Bathroom Reveal

"I think you can help us make smart choices so that we stay on budget", said Mrs. Client. This was one of the first things my client said during our initial meeting a few months ago and it was music to my ears. I think a common misconception about designers is that we can't possibly save you money but the truth is, we definitely can. I work very hard to find the best pricing on products and to provide cost saving options that work within the design and the budget.

Here's an example: They were considering removing the linen closet in order to expand the shower. After looking at the space I recommended they save their dollars on this edit for a couple of reasons: 1) the space between the shower and the vanity would become very narrow ultimately making the room feel smaller even though the shower area would be larger, and 2) after asking a few questions I learned that what they really wanted was a more luxurious, spa-like experience and that could be accomplished within the existing footprint, which was already a good size.

Rarely does a couple have the exact same taste in decor. Even though this can be a little challenging I have found it actually elevates the end result. There's something magical about finding that sweet yin/yanginess. Mr. Client was attracted to the marble, mosaic and patterned tiles while Mrs. Client was drawn to the larger sized tiles with minimal color variation and veining. She wanted monochromatic and he wanted something with a little flair.

Sometimes the jumping off piece is an accent pillow or a piece of art. In this case it was a sheet of stainless steel mosaic tile that started the ball rolling. The next thing that came together quickly was the tile for the shower. The pictures do not do these large (12" x 24") tiles justice. They have a subtle striation running through them and resemble polished concrete. To give it that flair that Mr. Client wanted we put the stainless steel, penny round tile in the niche. It is the perfect partnership. To add to the industrial vibe we trimmed it in Schluter (metal edging) instead of bullnose tile.

The original shower had a second shower head system in the corner as well as a corner bench. The additional shower head was never used and the awkward corner bench was only used as a resting place for shampoo bottles. Both were removed and we added a shaving ledge and a large niche. To create that spa-like experience we installed body jets, a hand-help sprayer and a large rainfall shower head. The bronze framed sliding door will be replaced with a much taller, frameless, clear glass model, which will add grandeur to the space. Unfortunately the shower doors won't be installed for a few weeks and therefore the photos I took for this post are sans the doors. Maybe I'll post an update when they are installed.

On to the floor tile. It needed to harmonize with the traditional lines of the vanity and the modern look of the shower tile. Classic with a modern edge is what we were looking for and I think the unique Carrara porcelain planks we chose fit the bill perfectly.

We knew within the first 10 minutes of our initial meeting that we wanted to go with chrome and matte black metal for the fixtures and hardware. They have 9 ft ceilings and so I suggested we replace the existing square mirrors with tall black metal framed mirrors and replace the vanity lights with sconces. This little change packed a huge punch. It's the first thing you see and definitely makes a statement.

We saved some money by keeping the original vanity. All it needed was new hardware to give it a fresh updated look and tie it together with the rest of the room. I love how the warm walnut stained wood provides a beautiful balance to the cool gray tones and sleek metal finishes. It's all about balance.

Alright, I've yammered on enough, let's get on with the photos. As I said earlier, we are still waiting on the shower door and the roman shades. We also had enough left in the budget to do some updating in the guest bathroom. I have to admit I am pretty obsessed with how these rooms turned out. I hope you like them too.

Design Board

Master Bathroom





Guest Bath


This was such a fun project; one of my all-time favorites for sure! I hope you enjoyed the reveal. Thanks for stopping by.

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