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Two Bathroom Reveals

I am going to keep the narrative brief and let the photos do most of the talking but here's the primer. My client wanted to update their master and guest bathrooms. The criteria was threefold:

1. The color palette had to work with the gold tones in their carpet and newly acquired bedding.

2. It had to be beautiful but not a total budget buster as they were probably going to be moving down the road.

3. It needed to compliment her style and other rooms in the house.

I am happy to say, mission accomplished. I absolutely LOVE how both bathrooms have a serene, spa vibe while maintaining visual interest through use of texture and pattern.

One other thing before you start scrolling, I have to say that the photos don't do it justice. This is mostly because they are shot with my iphone and while it takes darn good photos most of the time you really need a DSLR to deal with certain lighting challenges. New camera and/or hiring a professional photographer is on my to do list but for now it is what it is.

So without further ado, here are the final reveal photos along with a few before shots.

First up the master bath...

I think it's difficult to fully appreciate the transformation of any space without seeing what it looked like prior to remodeling or redecorating. So before we go further, let's take a look at a few "before" pics.

Now that you have seen where we began we can get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Now let's move down the hall to the GUEST BATHROOM.

Once again, let's take a look at where we started...

And where we landed...

What a great project. It was so much fun to work on and let me just say, I have the best clients.



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