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Fall Decor Home Tour

Fall is my favorite time of the year and decorating for this gorgeous season runs a close second only to decking the halls for the holidays. I will say I've cut waaaay back since the days when our son was little. I used to really go crazy with the Halloween decorations but now I don't really do much aside from adding a few spooky elements to our porch a week or so before the little ghouls and goblins arrive at our door.

Usually I buy a few new things to add to the mix. This year I wanted to use only what I already had on hand. Of course, this had nothing to do with the fact that the day I started to decorate was the same day I wrote a check to Iowa State University for tuition ;-).

Seriously though you don't have to spend a dime to bring the beauty of autumn into your home. Pine cones, colorful leaves, branches, feathers and more are right outside your door and are 100 percent free. Look at your sweaters and fall clothes for inspiration. Speaking of clothes, I wanted to incorporate plaid on my tablescape but didn't have the right tablecloth or throw blanket so I used one of my ponchos. Simple things like adding a bowl of red pears, plumbs or figs to your counter or a bowl of walnuts with a nutcracker to your table convey the warmth of the season.

Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, put some music on, tap into your creative god or goddess and have fun with it. Cheers!

(You can see more photos of my tablescape on the previous blog post.)


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