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Three Good Things...

Uno: Painted wood staircases. The staircase is one of, if not THE, main WOW factor of a home. Usually it is the first thing people see upon entry and so it needs to be a show stopper. Over the last decade we have seen homeowners ripping out their wood spindles and replacing with wrought iron. While iron is still going strong the classic look of white painted wood is the comeback kid. And honestly, it is a proven classic that will never go out of style even though it may wane in popularity from time to time.

In killing two birds with one stone (kind of cheating here as this could very well be "Dos"), another HOT HOT HOT blast from past is decorative moldings, wainscoting, board and batten and paneling. Again, this is a classic look dating back centuries.

Seriously, these "come backs" score high with me personally. I think they are classically stunning.

Dos: White painted walls! Yep, white (and the bazillion shades of "white") painted walls are all the rage. I am seeing this more heavily on the west coast. It is crisp, bright and fresh. Think of it as an award-winning supporting actor.

Tres: Brass fixtures. Remember when we hated all things brass? I don't know what it says about the human psyche when we love something, then loathe it, then love it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Fickle I tell ya. Ok, I digress, back to brass. It is super hot again and I am loving it. It really adds an element of warmth to the sea of silvers and grays.

The new brasses are more refined, old world and elegant. The shiny, sealed, gold brass of yesterday has been replaced with elegant brushed champagne finishes and earthy unsealed brass that will take on a wonderful patina over time. I promise you, when I replace my kitchen faucet it will be with an unlacquered brass gooseneck fixture.

Photo & design credit: Studio McGee

(Other photo sources: Zillow,, Crisnet.)


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