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The Des Moines Register

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as I heard the thump of the newspaper hit the porch at the crack of dawn. I quietly slipped out of bed and scurried down the stairs and onto my front porch. I grabbed the protective plastic bag that glistened from the spring rain. I couldn't help but smile knowing my thoughts on mixing patterns were printed in ink, that still smelled fresh from the press, deep within its belly. I carried it to the kitchen counter where I dissected and extracted the @home Central Iowa section. My heart was racing as I thumbed through the pages (if you haven't noticed, I tend to have a flair for the dramatic). Whee! There it was. Page 17! So exciting. What a fun way to start my day. 

Here is a photo of the article. Lovely "Vanna White" helped me present it to you (aka, Layla the Labradoodle).



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