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My top 5 design trend predictions for 2019 and beyond

Sunday, December 30, 2018

As we were rolling down the highway yesterday afternoon I started thinking about design trends for 2019. I read a few articles; some I agreed with and others not so much. I grabbed a pen and jotted down my own thoughts on the subject. I wrote down quite a few but for the sake of keeping this brief we'll stick to five. Here we go...


1.  Wet rooms are said to have been invented by the ancient Greeks and refined by the Romans. They also were somewhat popular back in the early 70's. Are you wondering what the heck is a wet room? It is a space fully constructed with water-friendly materials and includes a shower and freestanding tub in their own glass enclosure separate from the sink and toilet areas.


A couple of years ago I was looking at a potential flip home built in the 1970's. I walked into the bathroom and there it was, a very dated wet room. I remember thinking, "oh my, what are we going to do with this situation". I was repulsed and intrigued at the same time and then I sort of fell in love. Sounds like someone I once dated (I kid). Seriously though, they have been growing on me ever since. The new 21st century versions are really very cool. I predict they will be making their way into new homes and remodels more and more in 2019 and beyond.



2.  A sink with a view. Sinks jumped across the aisle to accommodate the free flowing conversations of the open concept. Rarely in the last decade do you see a new build that doesn't have the main sink in the island, however, I predict that is going to change. Sinks with a view have always had my heart and I'm hoping this prediction rings true. I'm not saying that island sinks will disappear altogether but I think we'll start seeing more new builds and remodels with the main sink under the window and perhaps a secondary prep sink in the island. Hey, here's a NYE game for you...take a shot for every time I used the word, "sink"! You're welcome.


Kitchen design by Amber Interiors


3. Appliances with color! Stainless has reigned supreme for decades but there are some exciting new kids in town. I believe 2019 will finally be the year that gives stainless some serious competition. 


The new KitchenAid® black stainless line is a beautiful alternative; it plays well with stainless while making a bold statement. GE Appliances launched its new Café brand. Their Matte Collection will make you swoon, I promise. 


KitchenAid Black Stainless refrigerator, microwave and oven.

Kitchen designed by Nicki Savage Design


GE Cafe' Matte White appliances.


BlueStar range and hood

  Designed by Rinfret Ltd.


 BlueStar range and hood

Designed by W Design


4. Move over mid-mod because the seventies are coming for a visit. In contrast to the razor sharp silhouettes of 2018, curved and rounded furniture will take center stage. It's soft, feminine and works really well with other geometric shapes. 



Photo courtesy of West Elm 


5. Last but not least, in a word. Black. Black is bold. Black is sophisticated. Black is beautiful and I think we're going to see it on everything from walls to appliances. 


Photo courtesy of Ell Decor

Designed by Estee Design

   Designed by The House of Silver Linings


Designed by Millhaven Homes




We shall see in about a year whether my predictions had any legs. Wishing you all a wonderful 2019. 










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