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Shelf Life

I have been wanting to freshen up my bookshelves for awhile and finally got around to it over the weekend. My local At Home store was having a good sale so I grabbed some Mexican pottery and a few other items and went to work.

Styling bookshelves can seem intimidating so I thought I would share a few tips to help make it a little less overwhelming.

  1. Most bookcases have 5 or more shelves and unless you plan to load them up with pretty books, to give it that cool library vibe, then take a couple of those bad boys out. This accomplishes a couple of things. First, it gives you a cleaner, less cluttered look. Second, it affords you space to add bigger items for more visual impact.

  2. You don't want to line things up across the shelves like birds on a branch. Instead, group things together to create vignettes. Groupings of three or five is a general rule, however, you don't want everything to be grouped in the same format. Sometimes the space only needs two items. This is where you just need to use your eye.

  3. Give it some breathing room. You don't need to fill every square inch. The negative space also plays a key role in the overall appeal.

  4. Consider the entire room when styling the shelves. If the room has a lot going on visually then you'll want to keep the styling simple. You don't want to walk into the room and experience ocular overload.

  5. Mix it up. Use items that are varying in height. Layer in pieces with texture and that are sculptural. Put some items in the back, such as art or photographs. Add hits of metal and wood but remember to spread them out. For example, you don't want all your wood items clumped together. Balance. It's all about balance.

  6. Add a few whimsical or unusual items to give it personality.

After you have things in place, step back and take a look. I suggest grabbing your phone and snapping a pic. A photo will reveal things you don't see in person. Then continue to make tweaks

I know I will be be fine tuning my shelves for weeks to come. Truth be told, I am always fine tuning. Things don't stay the same around my house for long. But for now, here is a look at at my freshened up bookshelves.

I hope these tips were helpful and as always, thanks for stopping by. XOXO


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