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Spring/Summer Home Tour

Wearing my comfy, cozy sweatshirt the first day the weather turns crisp is such a thrill. Year after year it gives me that same feeling of nostalgia. It's like comfort food. Same goes for throwing on my favorite pair of flip flops and running out the door without a coat after a long cold winter. That's the beauty of living in a place that experiences all four seasons.

For a design geek like me, I get the same thrill out of changing up our home to reflect the mood of the season. After spending months indoors surrounded by chunky blankets, deep saturated colors and scents of cinnamon and spruce, I get super excited to switch things up and let the sun shine in!

Spring is about renewal; trees budding, flowers blooming, vibrant colors, cold drinks and scents of floral, citrus and fresh cut grass. I take all of that yummy goodness and bring it right on in to my home.

Guest room/dressing room/den

Master Bedroom

My intent with these home tours is to provide some easy tips and inspiration that you can take and apply to your own home. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. XOXO

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